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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by raizin » Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:47 am

I got a camera slide Image to prove it

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by screwston » Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:57 am

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Sound_Chaser » Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:57 am

2 crimes that correspond with each other

Steal the statue from downtown

Info: Statue of Revenger? sounds valuable.

Snitch: So you want to steal the statue of president revenger? Well this is dangerous, crazy, but can be more profitable then robbing the central bank. However this wont be easy at all, as the statue is as protected as FT. Knox. First there are guards around it 24/7. Not your standard rent-a-cop but hardened green beret military men. Also there are men positioned in the trees and neighboring apartments with high-powered sniper rifles, so even if you manage to take out the ground troops, there is always a possibility a sharpshooter will get you. Also there are infared lasers around the statue that trigger and alarm and armed response. Additionally there are cameras that look out of date but are really the pinnacle of survailence technology. Also there is a plexi-glass barrier around the statue. The police station is right down the street. Also the streets can be relatively crowded, and in houses and apartments close by citizens can spot you and call the authorities. So how will you pull off this seemingly impossible task.

Well to counter the military ground guards, you need a team of people who know how to use a gun, and fight if disarmed. As for the snipers, and cameras get someone who is quiet, quick, and can avoid being dectected easily, you need someone who is proficent not mediocre. for the infared lasers have someone lightning quick with a device that can dectect them so they can get through. To break open the plexi glass find a tool..... if you have managed to get this far congrats because now the task of getting the statue down. Now you need to do this quickly but quietly as not to disturb residents. You will need a big vehicle, an some strong people to get the statue in this truck. If you manage to get the statue off the plinth then it might trigger an alarm. you can do one of two things. disable the alarms wiht someone who knows about computers, or run like hell. If you choose the latter a good driver would be invaluable. If you manage to get away, then congrats..

Reward: statue of revenger some xp maybe?
fail: many variations depending on where u get to

Second Part

Hold the town ransom for the statue:

Info: you have the statue now time to cash in.

Snitch: Ok this will be the semi-easier part. but you will have to hole up in a warhouse or abandoned building with some buddies so if the police decide to shoot first and ask questions later then, you can fire back and defend the statue. Now the people will be willing to get their statue back at any costs so try to negotiate top dollar. or you could kill some policemen so they pay more. If you are going to negotiate make sure the person or people that do it know how to. If u decide to make an example of some policemen, make it swift with one bullet to your body part of choosing. If the poice are unwilling to negotiate do a classic and take some hostages, that should get them to think along your lines. This wont be easy, but is a hell of alot easier than stealing it.

Reward: Congrats alot of money and maybe xp

fail: variations depending on point in crime

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Insurance job

Post by adventpixma » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:49 pm

This is basic outline of what could be good gang crime with chain to achieve

Intimidate Witness
Items - gun,bpv Incriminating phone message(gained via riot and mobile phone randomly scripted for maybe 50 in game)

specs - persuassion,organistion

reward - Witness statement,xp and cash

Normal Crimes - Bribe Magistrate/Judge

Items - Big Gold Bar , Defense Stratedgy(obtained via random rob neighbours safe in which would be lawyers house again very limited amount available),

Specs - Persuassion,organistaion,stealth, weapons(to fight judges chamber guard)

reward - Proof of Injury,Magistrates verdict and xp

Hard (gang) crime

Insurance Claim
Hard gang crime (2 players)

items - Proof of inury,Magistrates verdict,Witness statement and Doctors signature (obtained via (random again) bar job at hitlon stolen via credit card payment) this then validates proof of injury

specs - comp,pers,org,stealth

reward - £2,000,000 good xp *home insurance*

you obviously make this much harder but end result is that you have home insurance (unless stolen/or just for 7 days ) reducing any cash robberies by 50% or market value of goods stolen only 25%

along those line but you get the idea

ems28 and adventpixma

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by black kat » Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:47 pm

Why dont i see any of my post

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by black kat » Mon Jan 12, 2009 5:17 pm

I wrote suggestions for like 2 crimes and i dont feel like writing em over damn that sucks but long story short its a 2 part crime,

Crime 1: kidnap/spy public official
Snitch info: well as u know goverment buildings are highly guarded and secretive, so getting in wont be an easy task, but by far the easiest part of this mission if done correctly. An easy way would be to get a military
Uniform and key card and walk in unnoticed, or u could just buy a pass and tour the building and creep away from your group but u know how tour guides can be, especially these type. But depending on how u go in determines how and weather or not u get out,

Next: your gonna have to find the right person to either spy on, or kidnap depending on how the mission goes, the easiest way would just be to just spy her and take notes, but if detedcted your gonna have to take her by sheer force and hope u can get her/him to talk, and deliver the codes.

Lastly is your escape, it should be precisely planned, and as quick and easy as possible but if not theres always brute force, but be aware u can and will be going against more than one highly skilled fighter: and i dont know how true this is but i hear theres rumors of underground passages which will aid in your escape, but anyway u go it has to be quick before the swat team arrives

Items needed [varies]: military uniform, military key card, underground map, tour reservations, map of goverment building,
Vehicle: fast car for quick getaway, motor cycle for under ground passage, or jeep/truck for kidnapping, guns of choice and armor of chooice

Sucess: u got goverment codes, or youve managed to kidnapp blank blank, lots of xp, no cash rewards, other items necessary for my crime in my next post
Failure: u werededicated and stopped at the gate, u were sniped by swat team, u were caught and put in fed jail, u escaped empty handed, u copied the wrong codes stu, but atleast u werent caught.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by DmitriX » Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:31 pm

Well here is my idea..

Difficulty: hard.


Name: Rob a mad scientist.

Basic info: There is a widely known mad scientist who has his residence in the center of the Mastercity. Rumors are he was working on some VERY unusual projects lately...

Snitch info: Well this is gonna be a though task. You can do this a bad way or a good way. A bad way will be just to barge in and take what you want... but there is always a risk to take something wrong!
Or you can negotiate what you want but remember-this man is MAD. And he will charge a VERY tidy sum for his services.

Well in any case-you will need to do three things.
1.Get into the house.
I heard he placed a minefield in front of his house.... you will need some careful planning and flexibility to get past those. Or maybe you should just hire some expendable crooks? there is plenty of them in the center of the Mastercity.
2. Meet him.
His house is big and rigged with traps rarely seen anywhere else. If you don't have plans to take a bath in an acid pool try and disable them first. You can hack them... or maybe just use brute force to break their controls?

3. Get what you want.

Point a gun at him and demand anything. But beware-i heard he has a powerful prototype of a laser gun which he is not afraid to use and use proficiently!
Or maybe you can convince him to sell you some of his treasures....Make sure to be persuasive as well as having a solid sum of cash on hand.

Wins:Brute way.
Searching through the lab you came across some kind of scanning device! you happily took it home.(item-passively increases your chances to recognize robbers and lowers your chances to be recognized while spying. limited-50)
Searching through the lab you found some designs for traps used at scientist's house!(your traps gain a chance to kill a victim outright. limited-15)
Searching through the lab you found an unusual gun! ( 350 atk 7 acc limited-3)
Searching through the lab you came across a deadly poison!(when taken in a crime lowers the health of all NPC's by 20%)
Wins: Buy an item.
The scientist sold you a very unusual looking armor( 110 armor value limited-10) cost-7 500 000$
The scientist sold you a design for a revolutionary horse training/breeding method!( your horse facility counts one level higher. if already 10 horses tire/get sick at half rate/are born 1.3 times better. limited-5) cost 10 000 000$
The scientist sold you some kind of boots... these look really jumpy!(passively improves dodge by 10% limited-8) cost-5 000 000$
The scientist sold you some kind of a miracle pill!(instantly maxes all secondaries if taken in any crime) cost- 1 000 000$

You stepped on the mine! luckily you still have one of your legs!(sets the HP to 0)
You fell into an acid pool! you barely made it out alive...(subtract 800 hp/set to 1)
You fell into some kind of a cage trap! it was NOT nice to be dumped into garbage(morale-0%)
The scientist killed you and used your body for his twisted experiments!(wanted-100% stealth-50% stamina/health/morale-0%)
You failed to negotiate with a scientist!(any reason including lack of money) That cage trap was NOT nice.(morale-0%)
The scientist sold you a box full of electronics! when you came home you realized it was useless(1 000 000$ penalty)
Searching through the lab you came across a very convincing designs. You happily took them home but they turned to be a design for a new dumpster! You feel ashamed.(10% morale penalty)

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by black kat » Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:35 pm

Damn this shit is killing me this my third time writing the same crime
My crime cntd......

My crime cntd 4 da 5th time,

Crime 2: operation shut down
Players needed; between 8 to full gang
Items needed: military uniform, federal i.d, key card, security codes, federal pass codes, walkie talkies, camaflouge, hostage/kidnapped official, explosives, best lock picks, best hacking, maybe a satelitte, underground maps, federal building blue prints, untraceable virus, infared sunglasses, molotiv bombs.

Snitch info: alot of the items needed for this crime u will have to first have done 2 things. 1. Attack military base, and 2. Kidnapp/spy goverment officials.
Next, you will need nothing less than an army of your own to complete this mission, so yes mobsters are welcomed.
Now all specialties are a necessity for the sucess of this crime, tthere are bombs set to go off at trips, so u will definately need bomb specialist to disarm and set up bombs of your own, u will need snipers set up all over the peremitter to watch over ur men and sought of even out the odds, u will also need fighters to break down the inner defenses, u will send out your espionage, to survelliance the area and gain more info for u, maybe even find the way to the underground passages, you will need negotiators to keep the army and booty swat from blowing the building to smitherines, and also to get the hostages to talk, then u will need your computer specialist to shut down the systems and upload an untraceable virus into the systems to cripple them for as long as possible, u need your lock exxperts to get through them tricky doors, and of course u need someone to organize the whole thing, and lets not forget that time is llimited u have to get in and out as quick as possible, but without a doubt your not leaving without a fight, so heavy artillary is needed, bazookas, hand guns, uzis, machine guns, lazer guns, and w.e else u wanna call it is needed and heavy armor dont forget they have nig guns. Oh yeah and there are many infared beams so u may need some limbo players.

If sucessful: all the security systems in the city of bootyland will be shut down for 2weeks, which means noone is safe from your gang, and neither is any store or shop,
Items awardes: all security codes list, goverment papers, ...etc get creative
Weather fail or suceed, the whole world is looking for u,
If failed: u r thrown in federal prison for two weeks, u lose 2 levels, u surrender before somebody gets hurt, almost but not quite back to the old drawing board,

Turns needed: 4-7

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by BioShock » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:25 am

Name: Bust [insert name here] out of jail
Type: Gang
Difficulty: Hard / Imposible
Amount of members: 9

Snitch info: So you finaly got the balls to get him out of there. Good now as you know the jail filled with cops so you need alot of fire power.

items needit:
1 bus (or some other large people transport system on the road)
1 jail bleu-print
4 can's of sleeping gass

A Jail break a classic things to do when you are a crimminal.

People needit for "best" result
1 driving(D) -items needit: bus + Mask
1 organisation(O) -items needit: Jail Bleu-print +mask
4 weapon expert(W) -items needit: weapon+armour (own choise)+ 1 sleeping gas can and mask
1 hacker(H) -items needit: (hacking programm) + mask
1 lock picker(L) -items needit: (lock pick set) +mask
1 explosives man(E) - items needit: (explosive) +mask

Let me walk you trough the whole operation

While the D is drivong the bus to the jail (O) is explaining what to do. Bus arrives at the jail (E) blows up the door and they all go in. 2 of the (W) go fight the prison gaurds there (because of sleeping gas they are weaker) (O) 2(W) (H) and (L) go inside. (D) and (E) stay outside and wait

(O) and 1 (W) go to the cell blocks to find [insert name here] and (W) fights off the Gaurds there.
the others go to the cell controll room where (W) fights the gaurd there. (L) opens the door to the controll room (H) hacks into the Controlls to open the right cell.

Then they all go back into the buss and job well done

[insert name here] tell you about the loot he has from the last crime he commited and you get a share from it.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Tarin » Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:00 pm

Kidnap an Explosives Expert:

Gang Crime: 3 Members
Turns Needed: 2

Snitch Info: So, super dynamite isn't producing big enough explosions for you? Well, there's one guy who can help. He works for the government and won't give up his explosives plans easily. First, you need someone to manipulate traffic to put him into position(Computers, Satellite Program). Then you need to get into the car. You can either smash down a window with the right weapon and the appropriate skill or you can pick the lock open (Weapons with baseball bat, or Locks w/Master Lock Picking Tools). Being sneaky helps with all this of course (Stealth, X-treme Natural Skin Mask). After you've gotten into the car you'll have to persuade him to go with you and stop any resistance (Persuasion or Martial Arts, Disposable Syringe with Sleeping Liquid). Then you have to get out of their fast, motorbikes won't work. You need to put him in the trunk (Driving, Fast Car). Then once you have him you'll have to convince him to make the new bombs for you. It'd be helpful to have an Explosives expert with the appropriate explosives so you can make sure he's not tricking you (Explosives, Super Dynamite). And the guys a sugar addict so you'll need a lollipop to calm him down (Candy). Oh, don't forget you need somebody to plan all this (Organization). After you're done you can execute him or trade him for ransom.

Items: X-treme Dynamite

With High Score:

Items: Government Worker for a future exchange for ransom crime.

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