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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Murzim » Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:29 am

charlotte wrote:i suggested a crime earlier, it was 2 steal armour, just like the steal weapons crime, will i get any info back to say weather my crime sounds good or back?
i really want this crime 2 happen

This is not going to happen because the available armors are not many and most of them are already available in the black market.

Weapons in the other hand are many and there are only a few available in the black market.

The reason armors are few is because they do not allow much difference from each other like the weapons. Weapons is a totally different situation because they also heavily affected by user attributes. The same weapon can be good for someone and really bad for someone else.
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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Crazy Escimo » Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:58 pm

if I sended a list of my spec's and attributes, could you tell me wich weapon that would be best for me :?: ;)

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by HateTheFake » Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:13 pm

yes the beloved bazooka, and your in luck only 100 million in players market
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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Gentleman » Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:05 am

Rob the Players' market(E Bay)
new crime idea

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Crazy Escimo » Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:18 am

"the body scavanger"
you heard some fighting around the corner, while getting some snacks at Booty Snacks R Us. curious as you are, you went to check it out. you see a dead body laying on the ground and start to examine it.
succes: you found (weapon,armor,tool,viechle keys) on the dead person. and X xp.
fail: your heard the sirens getting closer, then decide to bail to avoid getting some heat.

got inspired by the guy who asked about what happens with mobster gear when they die. think it could be duabel since you already got the info's stored somewhere on your server :D
so you could be lucky to get some mlpt's or might get junk like a mask, sorta a gamble crime. depending on wich mobsters that have died recently, and what they where carrying.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by HappyJsmoker » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:31 am

Smuggle drugs
the bigger the truck the more you can smuggle.
items needed: passport to cross the border
if you stealth isnt good enough you battle the cops.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Crazy Escimo » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:52 pm

no drug smugling in my territory, If I see the truck I'll shoot the driver and run the truck down a cliff :)

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Mendes » Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:43 pm

Crime Name: Treasure Hunting with Mr.Arash
Crime type: Gang
Crime Difficulty: Very Hard

Crime Description: So you want to know where the buried treasure is? Thats quite easy, all you need to do is ask Mr, Arash.
Snitch Information:Well there will be a small problem, since he is in a high security jail at this very moment. You can wait till he gets out, that would be a safe thing to do. He was sentenced to life though which can be a small problem for the first plan. Alternatively you can also break him out of jail. You are going to need someone to plan every detail for the prisoners escape. You are going to need some serious acrobatic skills combined with stealth to climb over the prison wall undetected. Rope might come in handy by the way. You are also going to need prison guards uniform which, you will need to get somehow. Computer skills could prove to be handy if you dont have guards uniforms because you could just manage to shutdown the power grid, and walk around with more safety. To get the prisoner out you are going to need to be a master with locks, the best of the best. Mr, Arash is quite stubborn because he doesnt want you to get his treasure so persuasion could help you get valuable time when escaping. Or you can drag him by force, but this would slow you down. You are going to need weapons, for any guards you might encounter, you might be the strongest in the world, but without a weapon its going to get very ugly in there. There is a rumor that there are new traps being installed inside the prison, whether they are active or not, im not going to be foolish enough to try. Oh yes a fast car would prove very handy because you are not the only one looking for Mr.Arash.
Finally you should be alert that Mr,Arash can be quite sneaky and that you should intimidate him well enough so that he takes you to the right treasure chest. He has several treasure chests and all are of great value, and it wont be easy to convince him to take you to the most valuable ones. When you open the treasure chest be sure to use good lockpicking, because you might just blow up Mr.Arashe's most precious items, let alone your life of course.

Oh yes. if you happen to get caught inside the prison you will lose any items on you and also 28 turns.
If you manage to obtain the treasure, well let me tell you it will be worth it.
How do i know? Well, i don't but im pretty sure its worth it.

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a whole List of gang crimes

Post by Youngmoney470 » Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:11 pm

Everybody Knows we need more group gang crimes i have a whole list of new ones
1.warehouse robbery
2.federal reserve raid break in to steal an artifact that would pay big in the players market like a statue or something
4.Hijack a delivery truck carrying stolen money
5.go postal at a fast food restaurant
6.Blow up Enviromentalist office
7.Steal State Test Answer key and you can sell it in players market for a huge sum of money
8.Steal Money out of the safe deposit boxes in the bootyland bank
9.Rob the vault of The top ranked casino in the state
10.Break Johnny the jailbird out of jail

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by osiris » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:14 am

i like the hijack truck/lorry
rob museum
and vaults of the casino.
i can see where some of your inspiration comes from.( oceans 11 and italian job maybe?) i agree with more gang crimes but i think there should be easier gang crimes for new people because they may feel left out. in my gang some new players tried to join a gang crime and they were told off ( :) ) and told not to join again unless lvl20+.

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