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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by The Nobody » Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:29 pm

Crime Name: Bootyland Museum
Hard crime, 4 players needed.

Crime Description: Bootyland's famous museum. I'm sure a lot of people would like these priceless treasures found here. This won't be easy.

Snitch Info: So you want to steal some of the most prized possessions of Bootyland, eh? Well your certainly not just going to walk and take what you want. There are a few basic problems.
1. Before you do anything, you need to cut the alarm systems. The easiest way to do this is from the roof. Bringing someone along who knows what they're doing and with the right tools will do the trick. By doing this, there is no MANUEL alarm systems. This will stop the guards from calling for help, but you still need to watch out for traps and other automatic systems. Just watch your step and don't touch what you don't want.
2. You're going to need to find a way in with the least amount of guards holding you back. Even at that, there will still be some guards ready to fight. Also, the farther into the museum you get, the more guards there will be. Maybe taking them out with something other than weapons would help.
3. After fighting, you will need to know what is valuable and what is useless. I'm sure you can find something to help you out. But remember, the most valuable things may not be the biggest.
4. When you're all done, you now need to get out unnoticed and able to carry what you want. If you leave a trace of yourself, "they" will find you.

Crime Success: ancient jewelry or a a vase of some sort. possibly used in another crime to get what you want.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by klevi » Fri May 15, 2009 12:59 pm

Crime Name: Rob the Casino
Type of crime : Gang crime
Payout: A lot of money
Items needed: Sat program, Elvis Suit, dynamite, and a helicopter.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Tomorrow » Fri May 15, 2009 7:38 pm

Chain Crimes

Name: Smuggle Some Cash
Difficulty: Normal
Players: 1
Crime Description: An "understood" large amount of money needs to be transported for some local thieves. Care to help them out? It may work out in your favor.
Snitch Info: First thing you need to know is that these people are very powerful. Undertake their favor and you are assured a repayment. Do not cross them. Take the money where it needs to be as fast as you can, then report back. Easy-Squeasy.
Requirements: Blend in, move fast, have a plan. Vehicle, mask, ID card.
Reward: Small amount of money and xp and Proof: Cash Smuggled.

Name: Make a Hit
Difficulty: Normal
Players: 1
Crime Description: The guys up top need someone gone. I'm sure they can help you out if you get the job done.
Snitch Info: If you want to get this done right, there are some things that will be different about this hit. Everyone knows that this guy has been after some thieves for a long time, leaving him dead will make it obvious it was a murder. That is problem number one. Also, finding him in his estate will be difficult. It is very large and high-tech. His handymen will not allow you on his property as well. And for your last problem, don't let the dogs get you! Har har har!
Requirements: Stay hidden, break into the house, have good decision making and planing. Mask, meatball, disposable syringe, lockpicks/hacking program.
Rewards: Good amount of xp and Proof: Hit Made.

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Tomorrow » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:38 pm

Destroy the Clock Tower
players: 2
crime: normal
specialties needed: driving, explosives, stealth, organization
Items needed: fast car, dynamite, dynamite mech, mask
reward: proof: clock tower destroyed, 1000xp, 100k cash

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by SbK_Silent » Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:09 pm

Name:Suicide Bomb in Police Station

Crime Description:Do yew DARE???

Snitch Info:What???are yew kidding me???Well anyway if yew really wanna do it first of all,ovcourse, yew shud take a person who is willing to do the job and that person must be a MASTER BOMBER! and secondly do whatever yew can to hide your identity and then one more person shud be there for taking the loot..

Items:Xtreme Mask,suicide bomb jacket(maybe gain from that WIPE LOCAL POLICE COP crime),Fast car,remote control for activating the suicide jacket;)(again from the COP crime).

Success:Suicider loses a level but gain a very valuable item to use in a BIG GANG CRIME...
Failure:Loses a level and a great increase in wanted level for both persons...

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Re: Suggest A Crime Idea

Post by Pickpocket King » Sat May 01, 2010 3:13 am


An Industrialist owns a big ice cream company. But he has got a new competitor, whose ice cream company is doing a great business and because of that, he wants that company to be destroyed.

Crime 1:Meet the industrialist(Solo crime)(Easy)

Description: Meet the Industrialist,if he wishes to meet you !!

Specs: Persuasion(but stealth and wanted should be invisble and unesco good will ambassador respectively)

Items needed:Destroyed Politicians office or Destroyed Bridge(some proof of ur crime activities,form easy or above level)

If succeeded:
Items gained: Mobile Phone and Industrialist Phone number(no of uses for these items:2)
Xp and Money in a normal amount

Do whatever you can to convince the industrialist that you are good enough to be hired,but make sure that none knows that you are a underworld man.

If failed: Nothing

Turns needed: 2

Crime 2: Spy the Factory(Normal,Gang)

Description: Get to know about the factory,in all aspects

Members needed: 4


Items needed: Mobile phone,Industrialist number,Bike(2 in number) or A Fast car,Infrared Glasses,Glass cropper Pro,Handgun,Free vouchers for food

Snitch: Camp around the industry, in such a way that none identifies your gang.Make sure that you spy break into the inside of the factory at night time,else game over buddy!! Have a fast car so that you can escape if your identity is revealed and always keep in touch with the industrialist.

Turns Required:4

If succeeded:
Items:Factory Layout,Workers ID card,uniform set.
Huge amount of Xp and normal amount of cash

If failed: Loss of stealth, increase in wanted level, loss of all the items.

Crime 3: Destroy the Factory(Very Hard,Gang Crime)

Members needed:12

Specs:Stealth,Driving,Acrobatics,Lock Picks,Computer,Weapons,Martial Arts,Organisation,Persuasion,Explosives.

Description: After this crime there should be no more factory and no more competition for the industrialist

1) Do everything under the cover of darkness.
2)Make sure that the power is shut down in the factory,so that the alarm doesn't sound and surveillance camera doesn't work
3) We need the formula of their successful Ice cream, so make sure to get that info stored in their database.
4)A single bomb cant destroy the entire office
5)Have some fast cars to escape asap
6)The Factory will have security guards. Keep that in mind.
7)Keep the bomb in the transformer room,which is locked strongly.
8)Remember that some of you can enter the factory as workers,with the proper items
9)Don't taste their ice-cream. You may fell in love with that.
10)Once the operation is successful, head to the guest house of the industrialist located far away from the city,cos there is no better place to hide

Items Needed: 3 Fast Cars, 3 Super Dynamite,Dynamite Mechanism,X-treme lock picking tools,2 Infrared glasses,2 Bazookas,Hacking paradise program or better, Molotov Bomb,Factory Layout, uniform set and workers id,proper armors for fighters,Mobile phone and Industrialist number

If Succeeded:
Items gained:
Lethal Motorbike as a gift from business man, Huge amount of money,Huge amount of Xp
Destroyed Proof and Ice cream plan(But you gave these items to the business man to get the the above gifts)

If failed:
Loss of one level for all.

Turns needed:7

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