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Re: Special Items

Post by playboy » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:37 am

Dude, dont take me wrong, if you lose a battle in a roit, you deserve this to happen to you.

And you said you need weird ideas.

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Re: Special Items

Post by sun » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:50 pm

[quote="mccauley"]I would have thought that the repetition with certain crimes is more as a result of efficiency than anything else.

In this set I have completed 44 of the 64 crimes available. the remaining 20 I have either tried and havent worked out how to complete with my build or I cant justify using the turns for the reward.

-You have managed to complete 50 out of 64 available crimes.-

i actually do a repeat crime as often as possible to keep a player active,who would quit otherwise.
having said that i insist we take breaks so it doesn't get too boring and we can mess around for a day or two,that player i am talking about has been here since set one,but another?
crimes well 50 and i know i can make that more soon others i don't think i have the skills for.

items well i suggested a long time ago iron gauntlets,for a crime about diamonds in the bottom of a piranha fish tank,but they could be used to make you tougher,a wizards hat to improve intel etc in other words items to give you a 4th one use skill that way we could do more of the crimes.LOL blow up a bridge taking a ghetto blaster for your bombs skill.

one last thing and i know you won't like this,14 turns for supporters.i would say everyone but we need support.
if those new items are free great if they are bought in packs,well i don't play those games and Rev i know you don't like them either,but the fact is games cost.
3 month sets with a supporter pack that's reasonable,i am not saying it isn't now i think its reasonable,but there are not many countries including mine where we are not cutting back where we can.
so my suggestion is a thought out one since you asked for items/ideas,get rid of support industry because ink factory and the number of workers is 1.a crime you are forced to do and 2.expensive mob cuts,plus no one really likes them.
give us the extra turns so we can do different crimes as well as the ones we want to.
give us the items to enable an extra skill one use or otherwise,on a second market.
make it supporter only,maybe not the turns that's up to you,but the skill items supporters could sell on B-bay,i would say send to friends also but maybe that would again reduce the amount of players supporting?

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Re: Special Items

Post by sun » Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:35 pm

not sure if i was clear enough.
14 turns makes it possible to reach 100 in 3 months instead of six.
make training the same for everyone so we can all do it in 3 turns not just high intel.
special items to make more crimes possible by giving an added skill,supporter shop imo
give mobs 2 points a day again to cover the loss of days in a set.

not sure how we use that item if it means we can take one less that is needed for the crime admin job,and yes i know we have mobs who do that already but this would mean,one more.

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Re: Special Items

Post by playboy » Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:53 pm

dude, 14 turns, isn't that too high? maybe like 9 would be more appropriate.

once again, something new like crimes, items would be very welcome.

too bad to see that you have rejected idea of nanobots.

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Re: Special Items

Post by sun » Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:01 pm

nope its exactly right! we get 14 turns on day 1 anyway and a set used to average 6 months,so a 3 month set with 14 turns equals the same turns over a shorter period,i was actually thinking of what you said a while back about shorter sets not allowing us to reach lv 100 so gave a suggestion.

the second suggestion of 2 mob points a day is the same.

the third (skill items) is a possible answer to any crime completion issues.

the last is to encourage people to take different builds if their skill training times are the same.

all of them to make a faster set quicker in every way for everyone to play and be involved in a high number of different crimes.

i did not dismiss anything anyone said,as with mine its all down to admin in the end they will like the idea or not?

:) sun

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Re: Special Items

Post by sun » Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:30 pm

if we were going to have those items?

wizards hat=hacking
ghetto blaster = bombs
annoying glove puppet = pursuasion
sneaky sneakers = stealth
limbo dancers pole =acrobat
entah da dwagon Bwuce Wie doll = martial arts
michael chewbacca = driving
Booty Land army knife = org
easy to open chastity belt = locks
chuck the terminator rambo yippee kay yay norris = weapons....if you see this you are probably already dead!

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Re: Special Items

Post by antonis » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:49 am

A few seperate ideas.

*Completion rate is a nice addition. I believe most of the players havent even realised how it works. I would double its effect in the power.

* A nice addition would be to expand Mr Trelarmas potentials. make every day in Bootyland unique. I think you were planning to do sth like that.

*Connect the crimes with the industries. E.g. A gang member wont be allowed to do BLCB before a gangmate of his has won a horse indystry race or has farmed a 2k robbing boost.

*Crimes would be disabled/enabled in random days.

*Reduce the maximum amount of players in a gang. Make it 10 or even less.

Lastly, about supporter status. Players with supporter status can have 8 turns instead of 7 (believe me, even 1 turn would make a great great difference), 14 would be like a cheat. OR, they could have 10% plus in their crimes outcome. Or anything else that would give a slight advantage to supporters.

In return though, you would give money as reward to the top player, lets say $50. You would give $20 to the top thief. Something like that. The amounts are random of course. I believe with this campaign would rise the amount of players obtaining supporter status, and those playing the game overall.

Anyway, to sum up, i say, make the game unpredictable.
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Re: Special Items

Post by sun » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:49 pm

yeah i immediately changed the 14 turns for everyone,just in case we go for the 3 month set,half the old time but double the turns so you could make lv 100.

72% completion rate this set,should have been more maybe 75%
crimes done nearer to 80% just not all good scores.

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Re: Special Items

Post by Murzim » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:54 pm

Completion rate already affects the score too much. It may not be visible though but affection is great already.

There are some good ideas here but sadly I do not have much time; I got to make a living and booty master produces costs, not profit for me.
Regarding new players, I cannot afford any more advertising. I advertise each set but it seems to go in vain. I intend to add the game to FB though and hopefully this will help. You, the players, can help more. Just use the referral program ? I do not get why only a few use it.

The turns won't change. This is a fundamental rule and in fundamental rules the game is good. We lack players,this is the only real problem. And this is not relative to game quality. There are dozens of shit games that milk the players out of their money and they use this to advertise. I do not want Booty Master to become this. Booty Master has not been designed to milk money.

So there goes the extra turn for supporter away; this will not happen. Supporter was designed for the long-lasting players. If I could, I would add no extras and make it completely voluntary, a pure donation. It would not have much difference; Booty Master never reached above 25 perhaps supporters, even when it was over-crowded. Now you can understand why there are no significant implementations in the last 3 years.

I'll try the best for the game, as always. However, it is perhaps time to realize that if you like this game, you need to help it too. The best ways to help it, is to bring your friends over. I do not mind to pay the hosting costs but I cannot pay for advertising. If this happened when the game was large, then the playerbase would still be large, the game would be better and there would be more implementations. Instead, there has been war against the game through various means and few support by a few players only.

Antonis had some good ideas overally but I afraid this will make the game harder. I am not anxious to make the game harder anymore; it is already too hard. and there are already a few important features that are underused. You want more complexity and tension, just utilize the robbing support feature. No one uses the horses too. It is pure income, still it is ignored. The players market underused too. It is not because of few members but because of lack of knowledge. Too many active players remain clueless. If sun who plays from day 1 says robbing support is too expensive, then I say there are not enough robbers. If balamut for example, was here and active, would be the robbing industry expensive? I guess not.

Yes, game is unfriendly.

Anyway, these were only a few of the many thoughts I got in mind. In a quick and very unstructured way of expression. The good thing is that I feel comfortable to share them as I personally have nothing to lose; sure the game can go with even less players in the future but this won't affect me anymore. It will affect the playerbase as you will lose a game you enjoy and a game you won't find anywhere else. So it is also time for you to care. Nothing more, just care.

Oh btw, the newbs do not need to be left alone. Feel free to rob and abuse them. It is better than letting them alone. Even taking advantage of them is better.
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Re: Special Items

Post by sun » Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:27 pm

mmm interesting.

you are saying what i have been saying for years,ask how many people i have told that without support there is not enough to pay for a server never mind improvements.
i know the robbing support workshops can be very profitable if you want to rob,not everyone does and i have to join them in saying its unpopular in general and even worse for new players or new gangs to build up.
i don't play many games by the way but BM is ALWAYS linked to my profile :D when i can work out how,i think its linked on FB too.
i don't know what to do except what you already said the game has become too complicated? McC when i asked him to come back said "i looked at the features almost like a newbie (he had been away a few yrs) and thought if i was new and didn't realize the help i would get,i would not even think of playing BM"! i took a step back and looked as much as i could through newbie eyes and then looked at all my notes i have and thought "if i knew then i would write so much info down just to even compete i wouldn't have played" luckily i didn't :D
new players do not contact me unless i contact them first with an open forum and pretty much a walkthrough to lv 10,even when i message them probably a hand full in every hundred reply,some have lasted a set,but in single figures and none have lasted two sets.
the set before last i bought new players guns 7armor,100k lp & paradise hack,plus a truck,they also got 100k for each lv they were when they joined lv 3 min. 500k lv5 & 1mill at lv 10 plus a final 2 mill at lv15 maybe the game could offer those rewards? but it only got me 3 players to lv 15 or better.
you were invited into the first Corleone forum Rev so you may have seen it in our leaders rules where it says something like "new players are more important than any leader,without them we don't exist" well for me the game is more out of loyalty to friends now,you included.
remember when we used to argue about the game :D we never got overheated because we were both saying what we feel is right,but in the end i stopped because you are Greek and that means you are not going to move unless you feel like it :D i mean that in a nice way.
the 14 turn 3 month set was for everyone not just supporters,all i hear from business these days is"it has to be faster and more dynamic" i thought it was worth a shot,i never forgot the 7 turn 5-10 minute a day game you told me about in Beta,but we are a long way from Beta now.
finally once again the workshops sorry,racing is fine get a breedery and send out basic horses Garfield sold them on the market that was fun ;D,robbing support Balamut is not here now that says something,also unless its an older player with there own income you need a supporter pack,or a part time job/rich parents.

this too is from the heart and not structured as i would like,but its not an essay how i feel is more important.

:) sun

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