a new crime suggestion

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a new crime suggestion

Post by playboy » Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:57 am

i'v got an idea of crime, which can be implemented and listed listed into hard or very hard, depending on how you take it.

crime- rob a casino

supposed snitch info-
so you are robbing a casino now right? well theres only one in town worth robbing. and its going to take lots of effort to do that.
first,you have got to look like a casino guest with lots of money
now, like all good casinos, they store all their money in a vault. one that is overprotected. there are cctv cameras around to detect you, so hiding alone won't do the job, you have to use right equipment to make those cameras show false information.
Even then, before reaching vault room, you have to go right across the casino, without being seen, it would require a very deep knowledge of casino's paths, corners etc.
at the door of vault, there are 2 gaurds, so you've got to beat them, and believe me, they are tough. once you get past them, you have got to open the door, and theres only one way to do that, blast them open. now inside, you will see 3 vaults. all of them contain money, but you can open only one of them..... why? each of those vaults have motion sensors, you can't switch them off, and they ring alarm at nearest police station. only if you could find out when and where cops are....
that said, you still need something to carry all that cash....

turns- 3
no of people reqd- 4
items reqd- fast car(marenello or higher)
super dynamite
police scanner( can be made a reward of normal> kill the cop)
master lock pick tools
camera image slide replica
duffel bags
casino blueprints( can be made a reward for hard>> hack construction ministry database
xtreme natural skin mask
dark velvet suit.(can be made a reward for easy>> the dark dinner

specs- fighting, sleath, org, explosives, driving, computers

max secondaries needed. reward- between 4 to 7 mil as you prefer.

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Re: a new crime suggestion

Post by playboy » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:11 am

there are several crimes which can be implements and are there in crimes suggestion topic, however only those on last 2 or 3 pages make some sense.

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Re: a new crime suggestion

Post by mohammed » Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:54 pm

i like this crime idea its real nice

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