Few Suggestions

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Few Suggestions

Post by Hombre » Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:06 pm


Firstly, sorry I have not been on the forums for a while but I have been playing BC daily and have a few points I want to make about this game.

1. Whilst on the forums - I do not believe one should have to log into the BC game and the have to log into the BC forums. I am unsure if this can be remedied.

2. Selling items at the players market is cumbersome. If I have multiple items it is a pain is the derriere to have to select the same item a multitude of times and put it up for auction, as well as add the costs, days auctioned etc. If there is another way please let me know. I know there is a fast track way of reselling the item back to BC but auctioning multiple items is just terrible. Could we please have another field to identify how many of that particular item the player wants sold? So mabye under "Select item" drop down menu and above "Starting Price"? This would simply prevent the mindless repetition.

3. Buying items. The items are great although some seem to have no purpose. I also query the restriction on item numbers, new players are disadvantaged as all the premium items are gone. It is annoying and unfair. I also wonder if limited items are in the possession of inactive players...is anything done about that? But please do something about it - as stated I have played daily and I am unable to buy any top shelf stuff. It is extremely (and I am wording it nicely) annoying.

4. Crimes - I generally like all the crimes and applaude the thought put into them although despite the crime guide - they are still hit and miss. I also have seen a problem with the restrictions on crimes due to a lack of specialties or wrong specialty. Again for solo crimes one is reasonably limited. I would ideally like to see players be able to transition or change specialities at the cost of 3 or four turns. This would afford players to conduct different crimes and gangs would be able to co-ordinate better by forming teams with the desired specialities for larger crimes. At present I find myself limited to virtually the same crimes...its like groundhog day.

5. Individual player growth - I go up level by level every one to two days but what does it mean? I can no longer build my attribute figures. Can the attribute ceiling be lifted and as players progress through levels they can develop their attributes? And mabye the higher the attribute the easier a crime can be committed. But there is a lack of character development. I know money is an incentive and building a home but what does that do? You can't even see the home. Mabye if you had a "bling" rating for players to reflect their general wealth. (Home and money)

6. There also needs to be a feature to draw gangs into interacting. At the moment we have a handful of gangs that really seem to have no purpose except ratings. I would like to see a feature where gangs are forced to interact and you probably could see where I am running with this...but feuds would be great. :D I am not sure how to do this but mabye a more competitve environement could be made between the gangs.

Thats my suggestions - the game has had a lot of thought put into it to date but I can see room for much improvement also. Thanks for the whole concept - and keep up the good work.

- Hombre.

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Re: Few Suggestions

Post by Murzim » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:52 pm

1.You can login separately.

2.From user player experience, it is better never to sell in mass in players market. If you have to do so, simmply hit refresh once you have created a auction ;)

3.There are hardly any useless items. Even the most worthless item can raise the cost of someone who attempts to spy on you. As for the items that other players possess, you can always steal them.

4.The crime guide that the majority of the players has can lead to successful crimes but it is highly innacurate. I am aware that an improved edition can be found although not certain. At any case, you should create your own guide for future use. The change specialty idea is something that was to be added this set but due to my limited time this has not became a reality.

5.I am open for ideas on what future levels will give but attributes have to be ruled out because of current game balance. As it is, levels are a very important aspect because of the bonus in ranking.

6.I like 6th. Feel free to become more specific.
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